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Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles from the back of the neck where hair is dense to the parts where hair loss has occurred.

Hair loss and accompanying balding, which is a problem of almost every person today, can be caused by intense stress as well as the individual’s genetic structure.

Hair transplantation operations are generally preferred by men as they incur positive results like original hair. It is also a permanent method. In these applications, hair, beard, eyebrows and mustaches are transplanted with grafts from parts where shedding does not occur, that is, the donor part.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the problem of baldness is now becoming history. Fast-moving technology also takes hair transplantation operations one step further.  Therefore, the Fue method has been used in hair transplantation applications carried out so far. This method gave good results, however pain and discomfort could be experienced. Nowadays, hair transplantation techniques, which have made great progress, have become better with the development of the tools used.

Things to consider in the application of Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation

The Sapphirer Fue Hair Transplantation Operation is a more advanced application than Fue technology and a simpler and painless application. Hair transplantation, which can be done under local anesthesia, is carried out by using special tools with sapphire tips. A candidate for this application must do the following before the procedure:


  • If the person who will have a hair transplantation application likes to imbibe, he must stop drinking alcohol a week before the procedure.
  • Chemical substances such as jelly, lotion and cream must not be used before the procedure.
  • If the person who will have this hair transplantation method has chronic conditions such as heart, blood pressure, ulcer and diabetes, they can have this procedure if they take the necessary medication by consulting a doctor.
  • On the day of the operation, the patient should wear an easy-to-remove garment, such as a shirt.
  • The hair must be clean before undergoing this procedure.
  • Aspirin and anticoagulants should be stopped one week before.
  • The patient can have breakfast or eat on the day of this hair transplant method.
  • Beverages containing caffeine should be avoided before the procedure or the day before.
  • The patient should also be calm, if you are excitable by nature, you can consult your doctor and take sedatives.

All these details are important criteria for the implementation of the hair transplantation procedure. Therefore, the better they are applied, the better the success of the procedure will be.

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We are tracking the progress to ensure that you get the desired result.
The surgery is done under local anaesthesia, so almost nothing is felt during the operation itself except the anaesthesia itself. With needle-free anaesthesia, this pain can be reduced by 70% as well.
The transplanted hair will fall out a short time after the surgery, also known as shock loss, but will continue to grow right after.
3 days after the surgery you can return to your social life.

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