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Who is Million Hair Clinic?

Million Hair Clinic was established in March 2002 in Istanbul Acıbadem by Doctor FT (Fatih Köse) as an international center that offers hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery services. Apart from hair transplant and hair treatments, the center also offers procedures in the areas of aesthetic surgery with a comprehensive expert team of 50 people including 4 Dermatologists, 2 Dentists, 2 Skin Specialists and 15 Nurses.

Million Hair Clinic believes that everyone should be heard as a priority. For this reason, healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields meet with those who consult the clinic and query their guests’ expectations in detail. They make joint decisions with the patient in order to achieve the most perfect and faultless result. They endeavor to provide detailed information to everyone regardless of the size of the operation or procedure and can present the pros and cons comprehensively. The result to be obtained after hair and cosmetic surgery are reviewed through computer programs in order to make the right decisions.

Today, as one of the  most important, respected and leading health groups in Turkey,  Million Hair Clinic, located in the center of Istanbul, targets to upgrade the quality of life of domestic individuals as well as those from abroad. The clinic works to prepare a treatment program beyond the expectations of cross-border patients coming to our country for health tourism, and aims that they return to their countries fully satisfied. The International Patient Unit has adopted the principle of planning a privileged treatment process that starts while they are still at home and extends throughout their travel and return including diagnosis, treatment, transportation, translation and accommodation arrangements. Under the direction of Doctor FT (Fatih Köse), the International Patient Unit strives to counter all the needs, expectations and satisfaction of cross-border patients with qualified specialists, expert physician staff in the field of hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery and medical aesthetics, more than 50 professional health care staff and employees, an infrastructure that follows the field of aesthetic surgery in the world in terms of practices and innovations, innovative, modern research, state-of-the-art devices, safe, sterile and modern campus, open and clear feedback patient network and a strong call center system.

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